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Your Own Successful Wedding Photography Business

Successful_Wedding_BusinessHave your heard recently how much Wedding Photographers charge to take pictures at a wedding? It is pretty exciting!

Have you been thinking about starting your own wedding photography business? Photographer Nick Smith has a very exciting, and astonishingly reasonably priced book, Digital Wedding Secrets: Tips Tricks & Techniques for Breathtaking Wedding Photography, available that can put you well on your way. It is pretty much a step by step answers to ALL the questions you might have about starting up:

  • What type of flash, camera, lenses do I use for wedding photography?
    Yes, it should be a Digital SLR, but it doesn’t need to be the most expensive
  • How do I shoot in low light church conditions?
    External Flash to augment the camera’s flash should do the trick – here’s how
  • What camera settings should I use?
    Many times the camera’s automatic settings will do the trick – other times you will want some adjustment
  • How to set my wedding photography pricing?
    The toughest question for any business – answered
  • How do I market and get my first client?
    Web sites, blogs, how you can easily and profitably make your appearance on the internet
  • How do I build a portfolio to show to brides?
    Online portfolios and literal portfolios – how to build them and how to use them
  • How do you get your name out there so people know you are a wedding photographer?
    Advertising and P.R. gets you and your business known – here’s how
  • How do you create those wow pictures and albums?
    Photoshop tricks and techniques to create sparkling images that your clients will love

My wife, who is planning to start her own photography business (including weddings), is using Nick Smith’s book to get herself up and running before she shoots her first wedding in a few months. Of course, she has an excellent start… she is already a great photographer, but now she wants to formalize it as a business, and people are already willing to hire her. So she is using Nick’s book to help her get started right. The forms and agreements, business plan, and other bonuses Nick is giving with the book are alone worth the price, but add the book, and you have a winning start to YOUR business.

By all means, click over and check out Digital Wedding Secrets and use it to start your own Wedding Photographer Business.

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  1. Ludwig Sterling says:

    You know, I love photography but for I dont have any plan yet to build my own photography business. Thanks for sharing.

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