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A Great Starting Point

As you can see, we’re just starting up here, so keep visiting, and you’ll find more content as we go.

Site Sell LogoFor starters, one of the best tools I’ve found for organizing your business’ visibility on the web is Site Sell.  These folks offer a comprehensive program that really works, based on their stragegy of developing Content, generating Traffic, PreSelling, and creating income (Monetizing) out of that traffic.  Using their outstanding research tools that are built into their system, you can really laser target your market and get up and running quickly. Remember, like any business, this is NOT a path to, “get rich quick.” It is a path to a successful BUSINESS based on sound knowledge of your market and where your skills fit into that market – or from the other direction, quickly finding the market that aligns with your skills – and then adding your own work.  It’s not someone else’s, it’s YOURS! I’ve know and dealt with these folks for quite a few years, and find them first and foremost, honest.  But then they help you develop your own, no B.S. web site that will be a wonderful complement to your photography business.

Take a look at SiteBuildIt to see how it will benefit you and your business!

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